Liquid Nitrogen Storage System - Wide-Neck Rack Series

Wide-neck rack series combines the advantages of low liquid nitrogen consumption with medium-range capacity cryo-tube. Larger neck diameter and easy-to-extract racks are convenient for long-term storage of biological samples and frequent sample extraction.

Products Details

Aluminum alloy container is composed of outer shell, inner vessel, neck tube, multi-layer thermal isolation, racks etc. The outer shell of the container is made of aluminum alloy plate, which is light weight, high strength at low temperature and corrosion resistance. The neck tube is made of fiberglass which is high mechanical strength and small thermal conductivity. The multi-layer insulator adopts an aluminum foil with particularly excellent reflection performance as a reflective screen, and a material having a small thermal conductivity and a low gas release rate is used as a heat insulating material to reduce heat radiation. The interlayer between the outer shell and the inner tank is in a high vacuum state to prevent the heat convection of the gas, and the adsorbent having a large adsorption amount at a low temperature is used to ensure the long-term stability and reliability of the performance of the container, and the product life is not less than five years.


  • Wider neck Large capacity low liquid nitrogen consumption
  • Safety locking cover
  • High strength, lightweight aluminum structure
  • Five-year vacuum warranty

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